An Artist Production and Development Company. "Bringing artists' dreams to life."

Philly's Next is a virtual music and artist manager, perfect for those who are just getting started in their professional music career.  We've got you covered on all aspects of the business.  We offer custom music and original beats, vocal and instrumental recording, song mixing and mastering for a superb finished project!  Once your song(s) are complete, we help story board, shoot and edit the accompanying music video.  We then create and begin execution of a marketing and promotion plan including distribution resources,  social media platforms and performance venues.  We're invested in your success from beginning to end!

For up to three (3) hours of management services!

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3 days ago
New album
Jonny Genuine
Releasing next month
3 weeks ago
In the lab. This one a banger releasing next month
4 weeks ago
@SportsRadioWIP Philly fans are funny. You want an old man to be your future over a young bull. No wonder we don't have more championships and bowls. You don't know a thing about franchises. You are game to game fans who miss the big picture.
4 weeks ago
We could make way more money. There are too many promotional companies for independent music artist and the federal government needs to shut down the scamming. We as a independent industry of artist are just as important as the big banks. #Stoppromotionalfraud.

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