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Philly's Next is a virtual music and artist manager, perfect for those who are just getting started in their professional music career.  We've got you covered on all aspects of the business.  We offer custom music and original beats, vocal and instrumental recording, song mixing and mastering for a superb finished project!  Once your song(s) are complete, we help story board, shoot and edit the accompanying music video.  We then create and begin execution of a marketing and promotion plan including distribution resources,  social media platforms and performance venues.  We're invested in your success from beginning to end!

For up to three (3) hours of management services!

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5 days ago
@RGIII His dad is rich so whom do you think he is seeing in his circle. Plus she not a bad looking young girl for a prom date and he not getting married he went on a prom. Social media canceled prejudice when popular became more important.
5 days ago
@LeglonHooops Yeah now that vaccinated people are catching it he realized he won't make those off season parties without it.
7 days ago
@TheNBACentral What is a hoodlum. Are they the white girls he is with in the strip clubs or bad people or just black people.
2 weeks ago
@BGN_5 Can't the nba and refs made it go seven with the way they called it. Giving an advantage to the home team to make money off of seven. Gambling did ruin sports. You can see that now more than ever.
2 weeks ago
#Bitcoin will hit $10,000 this year.

I'm so confident in my prediction that If I'm wrong, I will give $1000 in $BTC to anyone who retweets this post.
2 weeks ago
@PHLSixersNation Truly he should rest even though I'm want him to risk it all because sometimes being a fan you could miss the big picture. Pray for his safety as he plays with this injury.

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