Music Contest


1.  Two hundred (200) spins of the winning song on Philly’s Next Radio
2.  Ten (10) hours of music studio time
3.  Professional music video




1.   Contest will run from January 1st to March 28th resulting in one contest winner.

2.    Contest music submissions are aired every Friday and audiences will vote for their favorite of the night via Twitter, email or on the Philly’s Next website for 72 hours following the show.

3.    Each Friday night winner becomes a contest finalist.  During the finals on the next to last Friday of the contest period, each finalist song will be aired again and voted on.  The Winner will be announced the following week.



1.   All music submissions must be no more than 4 minutes long.
2.   Sound quality must be radio ready and .mp3 format.
3.   Music must be censored (explicit content will not be accepted).
4.   Submissions will be critiqued on air live. You must know these are opinions and you accept the good and the bad from these opinions. Please refrain from verbal or physical violent acts that may be due to these opinions. Be adult about the situation and you can respond in the comment section on our social media accounts.
5.   Submissions will be voted on by the audience and you can influence the voting in your favor by promoting yourself.
6.   The final showcase will be those with the most votes on each night going against one another on the final night to be designated by the producer.

Note: A short interview with each contest entrant may be scheduled and recorded either by phone or in person and may be aired just before the artist’s song plays.



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